Kids Loft Bed Configuration and Designs

Loft beds are not only space saving furniture but also a funky way to entertain your kid to their sleep with a lot of adventure. Think of the difference of the monotony of sleeping in a regular bed and climbing into the bed at night like some Tarzan and Jane adventure. No doubt kids love these type of beds more than ordinary types of beds. Also installing kids these accessories in your bedroom give you a lot of useable space and free space to the room. There are different types of designs, sizes and shapes of loft beds that you will get in the market.

You can choose the model for your kid depending up on the gender of the kid. There are Cinderella styled fantasy bed to decorate your girl’s bedroom or gorilla styled ones to decorate the boy’s bedroom. If your child is a bit older for these bed designs then you can choose from the different types of plain and contemporary designs. These bedroom accessories also come in different types of configuration. The most common style is the one that is designed in the bunk style. This is the double loft bed where a standard bed is placed underneath the loft bed. This design is perfect for parents who have two children. The design also leaves a plenty of free space to play in.

Another type that is popular is a bed with a desk underneath. This style is best for parents with a single child. This model also gives a lot of flexibility to the kid as they grow. When small they can start with it as their play desk and slowly convert it to their study desk during the teenage years. These type of beds come in many versatile designs to suit the look of each type of bedroom and also save the space.

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