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Key Things You Need to Know About Immigration Bonds

There is need for the authorities to be assured that you will be attending the court hearings before releasing you. Hence, immigration bonds are there for the purpose. The bonds enable you to stay out of the custody but be attending to the court hearings. If given this bond, it does not mean that the case is over. You may be deported if you fail to attend to the court hearings. This article is suitable to give you the information you didn’t know about these immigration bonds.

First, you need to know that immigration bond is far much different from the criminal bonds that we are familiar with. You need to know the key differences between the two types of bonds since they are confused by people. Criminal bond is given to a suspect of a criminal offence. But if you have issued with the immigration authorities and you are in their custody, you need to go for the immigration bonds. These are just bonds for freedom but not an indication that the case is completed.

The immigration bond is given to the US citizen and green card holder. The posts need to be done by either a family member or even a trusted permanent resident. You need to be keen when selecting the person since it is through the same person where you will get the money back after the case is completed. It is also important if you keep in touch with the person. The immigration bond amount set for you can vary depending on your financial and criminal records.

When it comes to the actual processing of these bonds, you will realize that the process is extremely slow and you have to wait for the completion. The office is always busy, and this calls for your patience. Hence, you need to have enough time to spend in the offices when you are seeking for the pond post. The supervisor is the person to be giving you the updates about the process. If you consider having an attorney for the same, you will get the bond faster.

Money order and cashiers cheque is the only acceptable modes of payment for the bonds. The office is not permitted to allow any cheque or cash payments and having such payments will cost you since you will still be sent back. If the case is completed, you will be expecting the refund back and it can take months.

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