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Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation

Despite treatment of scalp micro pigmentation existing for a long period, it has gained its popularity in the last few years. SMP, medical hairline tattoo, hair micro-pigmentation are among other many names that this kind of treatment have. The similarity in treatment is the same despite the many names. Treatment process includes having a tattoo needle that is similar to the shape and size of the hair follicle. During the implanting of the hair follicle in the scalp the tattoo needle is used. There are approximately two thousand hair follicles in each square inch of the scalp. To give the scalp an appearance of a newly shaved head the artist has to tattoo all this. The treatment is more advisable since it is safer than other methods like hair transplants and hair plugs. During healing this method takes a shorter time.

Balding in both males and females can result in low self-esteem, self-confidence, low body image and also sexuality. Due to the embarrassment caused by the thinning hair, many people sought to find cures. Many people end up getting disappointed after searching these types of cures (hair growth serums, hair transplants, hair growth shampoos).(Hair growth serums, hair transplants, hair growth shampoos)people searching these types of cures end up being disappointed. A freshly shaved head is what you will look like if you end up getting this treatment. The effects of this treatment is feeling confident and bold. It also increase one self-esteem and make one view life in a very different way.

The treatment does not depend on the gender or age of the patient. People of different ages and also different genders have been known to be suffering from thinning hair. This treatment can be offered to anyone regardless of the baldness of the scars. The treatment type is very different from getting a tattoo. The treatment is very different as Skin tattoo as it doesn’t involve injecting deeper into the dermis as tattooing does. involves the injecting of ink deeper into the dermis making it more painful than that of scalp micro-pigmentation. To reduce the feeling of many mosquito bites then numb cream is used. Most of the pain and the irritation during the treatment is reduced by the cream.

The size of the baldness and the intensity of the work to be done dictates the cost of the treatment. It is advisable to visit the office where the treatment will take place. In the office is where you will meet the technician and get your consultancy. free consultancy doesn’t mean that they are not limited. It is necessary to prepare the question to ask about the treatment and the artist during the consultancy. All the question should be answerable to an experienced technician. The procedure should be done in an environment that is hygienic by a professional.

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