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Primitive Country Decor and Furniture

Primitive country decor is both old fashioned and simple with a touch of history; as seen in handmade furniture with raw reclaimed woods, earthy textures and carvings that are inspired from nature. Several combinations of characteristics and design types such as rustic, shabby chic and farmhouse give primitive country decor an eclectic edge. Being grounded to Mother Earth and exploring the vast treasures that she gives us, we use these primitive old woods to embellish our home in this style. Primitive country decor relies on rustic and vintage features to achieve an old-fashioned, traditional, and Colonial ambiance giving a warm and comforting aesthetic to the house.

The primitive country decor style can be seen in old door sideboards with earthy textures and accent tables, vintage carved wall reliefs, cabinets made from reclaimed woods with carvings of natural elements like sunrays and floral elements. Rustic farmhouse and barn decor is also a variation of this style that plays with handmade furniture and antique doors with brass and iron embellishments. Rustic vintage barn doors leading into the study or study set against the white walls gives the old colonial plantation feel. Cabinets that are intricately carved or simple with a geometric diamond, the colors are deeply absorbed into the grains of the wood, a feel so nostalgic that brings in dancing corn fields and romantic nights of looking at the stars.

Primitive country decor creates a unique, eclectic feel with warm-tones and earthy textures. Custom barn doors made from reclaimed woods and carved by hand, the characteristic of these beautiful door panels is in the diverse ways of using them. Double doors leading to the bedroom or the study the doors are a statement in themselves. Artistic wall decor, the carved panels can be used as a headboard as well. Imagine replacing the doors of a Colonial farmhouse with these magnificent doors. Totally spectacular!!

Natural and antique primitive country decor typically has earthy color tone, the chakra carved extra long sideboard is perfect storage chest for the dining room with its tones of blue and brown. The tribal chests called damchiyas are so eclectic and vagabond with their mirrors, narrow and sized correctly for the hallways with an arched mirror made from architectural salvage. The red and beige amplifies the warmth and comfort of primitive country decor and flows naturally with the environment.

Incorporate accent pieces like wood candle stands and iron pots as well as vintage wood planters to bring in the old world element. Patchwork pillows and pashmina blankets give the finishing touches.

Advantages of Low and Metal Loft Beds

As we know, loft beds come in wood and metal. However, most people seem to be prefer the metal ones. This could be because they perceive metal loft beds to be sturdy as well as multi-functional. The sleeping space of the metal bed is situated at the top level and can be reached by a firmly fixed metal ladder. The bed would also feature sturdy railings to guard against accidents. The lower part of the bed can be converted into a working space where a computer can be set up or a bookshelf placed. Additional drawers can be attached so that unused items can be stored away. Looking for someone to help write my paper – We offer professional paper writers help

If you are a parent looking to get a space-saving bed for your children, then a metal low bed might be an ideal choice. There are several benefits which other types of bed may not match. Low loft beds are usually between three and three and a half feet high. This height is suitable for young children and adults will be able to watch over them easily. The low beds come with safety precautions so that children are secure and will not roll off from the top. Depending on the style of low beds, the railings fixed may be in the form of a fence. Low loft beds are extremely popular with the children because they are fun. The floor space beneath the sleeping space allows children to store their play things while giving them the space to play as well.

So, if you are looking for a sturdy, yet well crafted sleeping spot, do check out the metal low beds which are available in many styles and designs. Decide on the right color and theme for your children along with accessories such as tents and shelving.

Kids Loft Bed Configuration and Designs

Loft beds are not only space saving furniture but also a funky way to entertain your kid to their sleep with a lot of adventure. Think of the difference of the monotony of sleeping in a regular bed and climbing into the bed at night like some Tarzan and Jane adventure. No doubt kids love these type of beds more than ordinary types of beds. Also installing kids these accessories in your bedroom give you a lot of useable space and free space to the room. There are different types of designs, sizes and shapes of loft beds that you will get in the market.

You can choose the model for your kid depending up on the gender of the kid. There are Cinderella styled fantasy bed to decorate your girl’s bedroom or gorilla styled ones to decorate the boy’s bedroom. If your child is a bit older for these bed designs then you can choose from the different types of plain and contemporary designs. These bedroom accessories also come in different types of configuration. The most common style is the one that is designed in the bunk style. This is the double loft bed where a standard bed is placed underneath the loft bed. This design is perfect for parents who have two children. The design also leaves a plenty of free space to play in.

Another type that is popular is a bed with a desk underneath. This style is best for parents with a single child. This model also gives a lot of flexibility to the kid as they grow. When small they can start with it as their play desk and slowly convert it to their study desk during the teenage years. These type of beds come in many versatile designs to suit the look of each type of bedroom and also save the space.

Perfect Design Concepts For Loft Beds For Girls

Loft beds are acknowledged as one of the best bed-types that are suitable for use in small bedrooms and for people who need an efficient way to store a lot of things. Girls are known to have a large collection of clothes, accessories, beauty kits, and shoes. Therefore, if you have a daughter at home who is starting on building on her own collection or you are a lady yourself who would like to have a space-efficient and well-organized bedroom, installing a loft bed for girls may be a great idea for you. Here are three things that make loft style beds an ideal bedroom set for girls.

Enough Space for Clothing

Girls tend to accumulate more clothing than guys, and the trend does not begin at the onset of puberty. Most parents enjoy dressing up their daughters even at an early age because fashion options for girls are definitely more diverse compared to guys. As a result, the concept of dressing yourself up prettily all the time is instilled at an early age. If you or your daughter like to keep everything and never throw anything away then you have to make sure to have enough storage space in your bedroom. A bedroom full of closets will look more like a walk-in-closet if you simply fill it up with cabinets. Therefore, why not get a bed with an impressive wardrobe storage system pre-built underneath? Aside from keeping the room clutter-free, it would also be easier for you to decide on which clothes to wear right after you go down the bed in the morning.

Ample Space for Beauty Sessions

Loft beds that are especially designed for girls have a special dresser installed into them. There is a large, lighted mirror installed below the bed with matching table, dresser, and a chair. Get a bed with this feature and you can easily organize your makeup sets, polishes, brushes, combs, and any other beauty accessories you have accumulated through the years. Get the ease of finding your beauty accessories easily by simply looking at the shelves and drawers installed in your dresser space. A few bedrooms can boast this feature that a loft bed for girls brings. So, if you want to stay beautiful all the time, get a bed with this feature.

A Built-in Organizer for Trinkets

Girls and grown-up women all accumulate a sizable collection of accessories throughout their lives. From earrings, bracelets, jewelry sets, to colorful hair pins, this collection becomes a nightmare to organize when it turns to hundreds of pieces of trinkets. Fortunately, loft beds for girls boast of an organizer for accessories pre-built into the bed. Imagine having a cabinet organizer that is especially dedicated to store such items. It will be easier for you to find that garnet brooch or pearl ring, unlike before.

In summary, a loft bed for girls can save space, provide you with enough storage space for your clothes and accessories, and even help you stay beautiful by its pre-installed dresser complete with organizers. What more can a girl ask for?

When Considering Full Size Loft Beds

Your child has a room that is slowly getting smaller. The child may be getting bigger. Perhaps he or she is accumulating more things. Maybe growing up has something to do with it. It may be time to think about full size loft beds.

Maybe you have a younger child. He or she may be moving into a separate room. The room may not be very large. What can you do to make the child more comfortable? A loft bed may be the answer.

Do you know what a loft bed is? If a bed is elevated it is probably a lot bed. There will be space for other activities below. However, this may not always be the case. A loft bed may be elevated enough to allow for storage space. It could be closer to the floor than most people may imagine.

Loft beds are not to be confused with bunk beds. Think of this bed as a bunk bed with no lower berth. This is the basic design. There are a great deal of advantages to utilizing these elevated beds. Here are a few.


You can save a great deal of space. It is like removing the bed from the room. All of the room that a bed takes up, is now free for other uses. Some of these beds offer the convenience of a computer workstation. It can be built in the structure. This may increase the stability of the bed also.


There may not be room for full size bed in the room. Twin size beds can be too small for some people. This can make them uncomfortable. When you are not comfortable, you will not sleep well. This can affect your job or school performance.

A loft bed that is full size will fit into the room with no problems. This may increase comfort and make better sleep possible. You may perform better at work or in the classroom.

Do you live in a small apartment? Maybe it is studio size. A loft type bed is the perfect solution for many things. Under normal circumstances, your apartment will be crowded. With this bed, you can comfortably entertain guests. You can have friends over to watch television. You may wish to place a couch or recliner under the loft bed.


You can purchase metal or wooden loft beds. They come in many types of kits. When you buy one, make sure it is a good structure. It will need to hold someone as they sleep.

If it is for a child, you will need to take extra precautions. What type of rails does it have? Is the ladder sturdy? Is there any way that someone may fall, and become injured? These are important things to consider.

Unless you are skilled, consider hiring a professional to install the bed. You want to be sure that it is strong and safe. Never take any chances with something this important.